A new way to subscribe to magazines

Welcome to Magazine Prime!
The easy and rewarding magazine service with innovative features and benefits, like:

  • A FREE issue of 3 of today's most popular magazines
  • A reward to claim just for trying the program out
  • FREE access to an exclusive discount shopping network
  • Monthly rewards like music downloads and special offers
  • Hassle-free substitutions of magazines, as often as you like!

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3 FREE Issues!

You'll receive 3 FREE issues, even if you cancel before the trial period ends. Plus you'll receive two additional issues if you continue after the 30-day trial, or 5 in all with your active service at one monthly rate.

Savings and Rewards!

Claim a reward just for trying the service for 30-days and enjoy FREE access exclusive discount shopping service with your trial and active service. You can also receive monthly rewards and special offers with your service!

Flexible and Hassle FREE

No long-term committments. It's easy to cancel or if you are not happy with your selections, you can call our customer service line and change them at any time, no questions asked.

Rewards At-a-Glance

  • 3 FREE issues of today's most popular magazines
  • 5 FREE Songs/Ringtones each month (see Forms)
  • $100 Hotel eCard (see Forms)
  • FREE Prescription Discount Card (see Forms)
  • $50 in Discount Shopping Dollars (see Forms)
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Discount Shopping At-a-Glance:

  • Discounts at thousands of local merchants
  • Save up to 50% at 350 national retailers
  • Save up to 15% off gift cards from over 200 gift card brands
  • Convenient, searchable database and mapping
  • Free Mobile App to help you save on the go!
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How It Works

  • Your first issues will arrive in the mail shortly regardless of whether you cancel or not within the 30-day trial period.
  • You should have received a Welcome Notice in the mail within 7-10 days of your order. The letter included a details about the program benefits and how to obtain them.
  • The Notice will also serve as your 'Reward Voucher' to claim your reward and will contain instruction on how to obtain your reward. You can click here to download your Reward Redemption Form.
  • On the 'Benefits' page, you can browse and request the additional rewards and benefits you are entitled to with your 30-day trial and beyond.
  • Regsiter to get your unlimited access to the discount shopping service. Click here to register now.
  • After the 30-day trial, unless you call or email to cancel, your service will automatically continue and you'll be charged a low monthly fee to the card you provided when you enrolled.
  • After 30-days, Magazine Prime will auto-fulfill 2 additional magazines which will be included in your monthly fee. Please read your Welcome Notice for the two targeted magazines we selected to send you.

Automatic Renewal Terms

During your enrollment your electronic signature was received, authorizing us to charge you a subscriber fee every month after the trial period to the credit or debit/check card you have provided. Canceling is easy. Just call 866-933-3143 or email magrewards@rewardsservicecenter.com if you would change to another card to make these payments, to cancel, or for any other customer service issues.